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2018 - 2019



interpreting reality 


Photomontages by

Noel Hodnett

Exhibition date: November 15, 2018 - January 31, 2019



  ‘Alternative Truths’ – interpreting reality  

Digital technology and social platforms have facilitated the creation of false ‘realities’ and enabled manipulation of factual reality to the extent where it has become increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction.

In this installation, a variety of carefully selected photographic elements sourced from the Internet have been combined and manipulated to create photomontages that portray alternative narratives to the events depicted in the original images. In most cases multiple elements from a variety of images have been used to create a single new image. Backgrounds have been altered, subjects distorted, desaturated, contrasts altered, items removed and replaced with others, resolutions matched...the list goes on and on. The montages are designed to appear as if they are photographs taken by a single photographer of a particular event at a particular time and place...what photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson referred to as the “decisive moment”. They are not. The stories of war, social engineering and climate change they tell are indeed very real...they are simply alternative truths.

These images were not created for any commercial purpose but merely to illustrate how photographic elements can be artificially assembled and manipulated to suit a particular narrative.

Noel Hodnett

November 2018

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