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Portraits of the Beat Generation


An exhibition of photographs by Harry Redl

January 11 - 29, 2010

Harry Redl had the instincts to find his way into the most interesting circles in San Francisco at the peak of an incredible period -- no small thing for someone who had not so long ago arrived from Austria. He also had the wisdom to follow those people with his camera and his tape recorder, to have the faith in his instincts to create these photographs that have, like all photographs, new meanings over time. Without Harry's photographs we would know much less about the late 1950s and less about the personalities -- artists, poets, filmmakers -- he captured. So I love the fact that this site can provide free access, and everyone has a chance to see at least the tip of the iceberg.

Steve Watson, author of "Birth of the Beat Generation"



Noel Hodnett with Violet Redl

Jerry Zaslove and Noel Hodnett examining photo of Allen Ginsberg

Bryant Knox

Tom McGauley with Violet Redl


Violet Redl


A selection of photographs exhibited


Philip Whalen Berkeley, CA 1958

Copyright Harry Redl


David Meltzer and family San Francisco 1957

Copyright Harry Redl



               Michael McClure - San Francisco 1957      Philip Lamantia - San Francisco 1957

Copyright Harry Redl                                                                   Copyright Harry Redl



                        Henry Miller Big Sur 1958                   Brother Antoninus Oakland, CA 1957

Copyright Harry Redl                                                                                    Copyright Harry Redl


Wallace Berman San Francisco 1958

Copyright Harry Redl


Allen Ginsberg San Francisco 1958

  Copyright Harry Redl




































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