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An exhibition of photographs by Noel Hodnett

November 14, 2013 - January 31, 2014

This body of work focuses on the extent to which the invasion of privacy is encroaching on our everyday lives. Every image in this exhibition, however diverse, playful or seemingly innocuous, portrays some element of surveillance. "SMILE! YOU'RE ON CAMERA!" no longer merely refers to one's unwitting participation in some dubious candid camera prank, the phrase has now taken on more ominous overtones.

The increased use of re-commissioned military drones, high-resolution cameras, GPS enabled devices and covert listening devices have become evermore pervasive. As Edward Snowden recently revealed, it has now reached a stage where everyone can be reasonably sure that we are, in some way or another, being monitored 24/7...all in the name of National Security. These photographs were taken on a recent trip to Nevada and Arizona.


Neon Bone Yard - Las Vegas 2013


Casino - Las Vegas 2013



Clown Foot - Las Vegas 2013



Sahara - Las Vegas 2013



Bill Board - Las Vegas 2013



Downtown - Las Vegas 2013



   Antique Store - Boulder City 2013



Big Rig Doll House - Nevada 2013



Digger Dave's Bar - Chloride, Arizona 2013


Mercedes Park - Chloride, Arizona 2013


God Bless America - Arizona 2013


Veterans Intersection - Nevada 2013


Mine Notice - Arizona 2013


Fence, Arizona 2013


Fremont Street, Las Vegas 2013


Silver Slipper - Las Vegas 2013

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